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robbie-500-Taking form in many media, my work is usually metaphoric, whether photography, computer imagery, prints or paintings. Influenced by nature, especially the powers of plants and humankind’s relationship with the botanical kingdom, the works may be very abstract or very realistic.

Formal concerns include a preoccupation with shape as a carrier of meaning, color and texture are also important elements used for communicative force. The choice of particular surfaces, papers and pigments, the interplay of text and image, and the placement of elements for tension or harmony – all are important considerations.

As an artist, I believe that life means ongoing transition. For this reason, process is a basic underlying factor in my work. Increasingly, the new technologies have become important for the artist of today. My photography has become strictly digital, and the seduction of the computer has led me to the use of digital letterpress as well. However, this has only served to spark my interest in the historical processes of text and image printing.

Traditional letterpresses, lead type and the woodcut and wood engraving are passionate interests for me. The intellectual satisfaction of the digital processes is balanced with the hands-on physicality of the traditional. Each is sensual in its own way. Book Arts then takes its place in the current developments of work in my studio.

Like anything else organic, my work is constantly becoming.


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